Snow Plowing / Emergency Routes

Snow Removal Priority Plan

The Street Maintenance Division has a snow removal priority plan. The plan divides the city streets into three priority categories: priority one, priority two, and priority three. The priorities are selected on the basis of traffic volumes, steepness of hills, public transit routes, proximity to schools, access to businesses, and low-volume residential streets.

View an in-depth look at the Rawlins Snow Removal Plan (PDF), snow removal information pamphlet (PDF), and the Snow Emergency Removal Map (PDF).

Our Goal

The first goal is to have priorities one and two, as well as school and public transit routes, plowed and deiced and/or sanded by 7:30 am, prior to the morning rush hour traffic. This goal is contingent upon the magnitude and duration of any snow event.

The secondary goal is to have all remaining priority streets plowed within three working days. Non-priority streets are typically low-volume residential streets, which are only plowed if four inches of snow accumulation is present upon completion of priority streets.