Animal Shelter Advisory Board

Board Application

Before submitting your completed Application you can print your application by selecting File, Print (located top left side of the website page).

By-Laws (PDF)

5 Member Board

  1. OPEN - City Appointment (12/31/2020)
  2. OPEN - Sinclair Appointment
  3. OPEN - Pet Partners Appointment
  4. Open - City Appointment (21/31/2019)
  5. OPEN - Pet Partners Appointment



The Animal Shelter Advisory Board is a quasi-judicial board established to recommend policies and procedures for the operation of the shelter based on the Humane Society guidelines. For more information, email Linda Russell at or call (970) 481-2503.

To apply for board membership contact the City of Rawlins Deputy City Clerk at /307-328-4500 or select the Board Application (above)